The Public Service Induction is an online module that introduces individuals to working in the Public Service, and what it means to serve Aotearoa New Zealand.

Nau mai, haere mai ki te Ratonga Tūmatanui — Welcome to the Public Service.  

Mō te tangata takitahi For individuals

This induction module was created to give you an understanding of your role as a public servant.  It's an interactive tool with 6 sections. You should allow 30 minutes to complete it.  

In the induction, you will learn about what the Public Service does, how we work together, our principles and values, what we can offer you with regards to career and development opportunities, and the relationship we have with central government. As you complete the module, you will work through videos and other interactive activities. This is not a test and your answers are not collected.  

Talk to your manager if you have questions about your role, your obligations, development opportunities and how your work fits into the overall system.

To get started, open the induction module.

Public Service induction

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Mō ngā whakahaere ratonga tūmatanui For Public Service organisations

The Public Service induction module can be implemented in all Public Service organisations.  

It supports new starters in the Public Service by increasing their understanding of what it means to be part of the Public Service. It provides an opportunity for a collective and consistent approach to preparing our people to work within and across the wider system. This induction module is intended to work alongside your organisation’s own induction.

Options for delivery 

Use this link in your welcome pack to direct people to the induction module

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