"The public service supports constitutional and democratic government, enables both the current Government and successive governments to develop and implement their policies, delivers high-quality and efficient public services, supports the Government to pursue the long-term public interest, facilitates active citizenship, and acts in accordance with the law."

                   Section 11, Public Service Act 2020 — New Zealand Legislation

The Public Service supports current and future governments to:

  • Achieve outcomes – improve these outcomes through the services provided by individual organisations, and also by joining up around critical issues or priorities identified by the Government.
    Public Service Sectors
  • Improve services – to provide both face-to-face and digital services that are easy and convenient to interact with and are fully organised around peoples needs.
  • Foster active citizenship and open government – improving transparency, increasing civic participation and using new technologies to make the government more open, effective, and accountable.
    Open Government Partnership in New Zealand
  • Support the Crown in its relationships with Māori - developing and maintaining the capability of the Public Service to engage with Māori and to understand Māori perspectives.
    Māori Crown Relationships
  • Reflect the communities we serve - improving diversity in the workforce and inclusiveness in the workplace.
    Diversity and Inclusion