The State Services Commission has been collecting and publishing workforce data on Public Service employees since 2000.

High quality workforce information is important for agencies to recruit, develop and deploy the people they need as well as identifying workforce pressure points and issues.

The Workforce Information Standard and the accompanying guidance, which was published in November 2018,  makes it easier to collect and report workforce information across the State Services.

Click on the following topics for more information: Senior Leaders / Pay gaps / Workforce demographic / Women / Wage trends / Ethnic groups / Occupation / Regional workforce / Rainbow / Workforce size / Workplace health / Workforce costs / Workplace flexibility / Capability / Data drilldown. Each topic has an interactive visualisation where you can download the data behind it (see Related links – Guide to Tableau).

Link to 2019 Fact sheet summary. The Workforce Data collection is a snapshot of information as at 30 June of each year.

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