27 February 2024

On 29 August 2023, Public Service Commissioner Peter Hughes announced the appointment of Jenn Bestwick to lead the review of the administration of the Accredited Employer Work Visa scheme.

The objective of the review was to determine whether Immigration New Zealand's administration of the scheme is being carried out appropriately, with a focus on mitigating exploitation and irregular migration.

The review did not examine the appropriateness of the policy settings or consider the merits of individual visa application decisions, unless they related to any wider issues of process. The review also did not examine decisions made during the migrant step of the process, or make recommendations in relation to individual cases.

Terms of reference and related information

Terms of Reference(PDF, 102 KB)

Minute of Process 1(PDF, 187 KB)

Minute of Process 2(PDF, 188 KB)


Final report and related information

Letter to Public Service Commissioner 17 August 2023(PDF, 283 KB)

Letter to Hon Andrew Little 18 August 2023(PDF, 229 KB)

Commissioner's certificate for application of the Inquiries Act 2013(PDF, 624 KB)

Letter to Ms Carolyn Tremain 23 February 2024(PDF, 215 KB)

Assurance review report(PDF, 1.2 MB)

Media statement INZ review findings 27 Feb 2024(PDF, 152 KB)