24 July 2023

Me pēhea te whai wāhi mai How to get involved

How we plan for the future affects us all and our future generations. So it is important that government departments provide the public with the opportunity for meaningful and inclusive engagement. This will help ensure that the briefings are relevant and focused on what matters for New Zealand.

Government departments will consult on the proposed subject matter for the focus of the briefing and on the draft briefing once developed. They may also engage with segments of the community and the wider public at other steps throughout the briefing process.

This page gives a picture of the opportunities for engaging on briefings across the public service. Any active consultations on draft briefings are listed at the top of the page, followed by any consultations on proposed subject matter for briefings. Completed briefings are listed on the previous page.

Published briefings

Agencies needing to update us on the progress of their briefings should use the templates available on our website.


Whakawhiti kōrero o te wā Consultations on draft briefings

Listed below are links to public consultations undertaken by agencies on their draft Long-term Insights Briefings. 

Consultation open – close date



Mid-May 2023 – 19 June 2023

Precision health: Exploring opportunities and challenges to predict, prevent, diagnose, and treat disease more precisely in Aotearoa New Zealand

Manatū Hauora – Ministry of Health

Ngā take whakawhiti kōrero Consultations on proposed subject matter

Listed below are links to public consultations undertaken by agencies on subject matter as part of the Long-term Insights Briefing cycle. Where consultations on subject matter have closed and before consultation on draft briefings begin, links may provide information on the next steps for individual briefings.

Consultation open – close date



  There are currently no active consultations on proposed subject matter.