20 August 2021

The information contained in this document is intended as general guidance for use of the expanded New Zealand Government Identity, formerly called the All-of-Government Brand (AoG) Identity

He whakamārama | Background

The New Zealand Government Identity is used by the Public Service and some public sector agencies to identity how funds are being used to provide services, programmes and infrastructure.

The New Zealand Government (NZ Govt) Identity replaces the 2007 All-of-Government (AoG) Brand Identity. That AoG Brand Identity was reviewed alongside the implementation of the Public Service Act 2020, and broader Public Service reform programme. As well as ensuring it was fit for purpose in the ever-expanding digital landscape we work in, it was important that the Identity reflected in a visual way the principles and values of a more unified and joined up Public Service, reflective of the communities we serve and who we are as New Zealanders.

The NZ Govt Identity includes an updated logo mark (replacing the 2007 logo mark) and broader guidance on the use of typography, colour palettes and imagery.  The logo mark can also be adapted for individual agency logo marks.  New agencies and those looking to re-brand should adopt a logo mark in keeping with the NZ Govt Identity logo mark. Over time, the use of common logo marks and brand identities will help ensure we are easily recognisable as members of the Public Service whānau. 

Te Whakaurunga ā-Ūmanga | Agency Application

The use of the New Zealand Government Identity applies to all Public Service departments, departmental agencies, interdepartmental ventures, interdepartmental executive boards and Crown agents. Other categories of Crown entity and agencies in the wider public sector can use the responsive logo mark (excluding the Coat of Arms) if they wish, or as invited by Responsible Ministers.

Te Tuakiri o Te Kāwanatanga o Aotearoa | New Zealand Government Identity - Policy and Guidelines(PDF, 982 KB) provide information on the objectives of the Identity, where agencies can apply the logo mark, along with implementation and exemption guidance.

There are five logo marks to identify communications collateral as having been produced by the New Zealand Government. Te Tuakiri o Te Kāwanatanga o Aotearoa | New Zealand Government Identity - Technical Style Guide(PDF, 9.4 MB) provides information about the different logo mark options, guidance on common applications and examples of incorrect application. This should be read in conjunction with the Policy and Guidelines. Design professionals unsure about which logo mark should appear on communications collateral should refer to these guidelines and/or consult with the government agency they are working with.

PNG files of the five logo marks (attached below) are available in black and knocked-out white for standard publishing requirements.  (The five logo marks are also available on request in Illustrator, EPS and SVG formats, by emailing the Communications and Engagement Team.) This artwork must be used for all applications. The New Zealand Government Identity logo marks cannot be modified.

The administration of the New Zealand Government Identity  is the responsibility of Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission.  Further queries can be directed by email to Te Kawa Mataaho’s Communications and Engagement Team or by phoning 04 495 6600 and asking for the Communications and Engagement Team.

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