Everyone in the State services is entitled to work in a safe and inclusive workplace, where people treat one another with respect and work together to deliver for New Zealand and New Zealanders.

Achieving this requires organisational commitment – and real effort from leaders, managers, and individual staff members. There is need for strong leadership, constructive working relationships, and good policies and procedures.

Unfortunately, State services agencies are not immune to the challenges that all workplaces face.  Sometimes, behaviours are not appropriate and the way we deal with that is important.  Building a workplace culture that promotes respect, inclusion, trust and productivity will go a long way to preventing inappropriate behaviour from occurring.

These model standards set out the State Services Commissioner’s minimum expectations for staff and organisations in the Public Service to ensure positive and safe workplaces.

The model standards are the first step in a system wide-work programme, being led by two Public Sector chief executives, Ms Rebecca Kitteridge and Mr Ray Smith. The work programme will help agencies to have work environments where people enjoy what they do, are respected for who they are, and contribute to the maximum of their potential.

Model Standards (PDF, 216 KB) 

Response Role Cards (PDF, 60 KB) 

The NZDF Case Study (PDF, 502 KB)

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