These resources provide guidance on evaluation, information on aspects of evaluating structural changes, and examples of evaluations and reviews of structural changes.

Guidance on evaluation

Australasian Evaluation Society. (2013). ‘Guidelines for the Ethical Conduct of Evaluations’. Retrieved from Code of ethics, Guidelines for the Ethical Conduct of Evaluations — Australian Evaluation Society

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The Treasury. (2016). The Treasury’s CBAx Tool. Retrieved from The Treasury's CBAx Tool — The Treasury

Information on aspects of evaluating structural changes

Breidahl, K. N., Gjelstrup, G., Hansen, M. B., & Hansen, H. F. (2015). ‘Evaluation of Large-scale Public Sector Reforms’. In American Journal of Evaluation 38(2). Retrieved from (PDF) Evaluation of Large-Scale Public-Sector Reforms: A Comparative Analysis — Researchgate

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State Services Commission, The Treasury & Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. (2015). Core Guide 1: Understanding the Performance Improvement Framework Agency Model. Retrieved from Core Guide 1: What is the Performance Improvement Framework? — Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission(PDF, 331 KB)

Examples of evaluations and reviews of structural changes

Central Agencies Shared Services (New Zealand)

Ernst & Young. (2013). ‘Review of lessons from CASS – One year on’. Retrieved from Central Agencies Shared Services Information Release — The Treasury

Ministry of Justice (United Kingdom)

Gash, T., McCrae, J., & McClory, J. (2011). ‘Transforming Whitehall departments Evaluation methodology’. Retrieved from Transforming Whitehall departments — The Institute for Government

McCrae, J., Page, J., & McClory, J. (2011). ‘Transformation in the Ministry of Justice’. 2011 Interim Evaluation Report. Retrieved from Transformation in the Ministry of Justice — The Institute for Government

Social Housing Reform Programme (New Zealand)

Martin Jenkins, & Crest Consultancy. (2015a). ‘SHRP implementation review part one’. Retrieved from Findings of a review into the implementation of the Government’s Social Housing Reforms Part One — Ministry of Social Development

Police and fire reform (Scotland)

SIPR, What Works Scotland, & ScotCen. (2016). ‘Evaluation of Police and Fire Reform: Year 1 summary report’. Retrieved from Evaluation of Police and Fire Reform — What Works Scotland

Ofcom (United Kingdom)

The Comptroller and Auditor General. (2006). ‘The creation of Ofcom: Wider lessons for public sector mergers of regulatory agencies’. Retrieved from The creation of Ofcom: wider lessons for public sector mergers of regulatory agencies — National Audit Office

System architecture and design

Appropriate structures, strong governance and clear accountability help the Public Service and wider public sector organisations to work together to deliver better outcomes for the public. 

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