Fees for boards and other bodies are set using the Cabinet Fees Framework (the Framework), the Crown company fees methodology administered by the Treasury, the Remuneration Authority and other mechanisms (a table listing these is provided in the Summary section of Cabinet Office circular CO (22) 2.

Cabinet Fees Framework

The Commission provides advice and guidance to agencies on the interpretation and implementation of the Framework, on behalf of Cabinet.

Introduced in 1997, the Framework is issued as a Cabinet Office circular. For more information and the latest version of the Framework, see Cabinet Fees Framework.

The Remuneration Authority

The role of the Remuneration Authority in setting remuneration is set out in the Cabinet Office circular CO(11)7. Refer to the Remuneration Authority website for further information.

Disclosure of total value of remuneration

The Crown Entities Act requires the total value of the remuneration of individual board members to be disclosed in the entity’s annual report. See section 152(1)(a) of the Crown Entities Act. Other legislation may contain similar provisions.