07 December 2021

The data we collect gives us information about leadership in the Public Service, public servant remuneration/pay, diversity and inclusion and Māori Crown engagement and understanding, as well as public sector composition.

Providing insights and transparency through data

New Zealand has a Public Service to be proud of. It’s recognised internationally for integrity and effectiveness.

Trust in the Public Service

The Public Service needs employees with the right mix of knowledge and skills to meet government priorities, provide trusted and responsive services, and deliver the best outcomes possible. It’s important that the Public Service reflects and understands the communities we serve.

The 2021 Workforce Data and Te Taunaki Public Service Census provide important insights into the make-up and composition of the Public Service. It shows where the Public Service is doing well and where it needs to take steps to improve. Publishing the information here makes sure that it’s transparent and easy to access.

Workforce Data — Senior leadership

Workforce Data — Remuneration/pay 

Workforce Data — Māori Crown 

Workforce Data — Pay gaps 

Workforce Data — Public sector composition 

Workforce Data — Diversity and inclusion

Workforce Data — Working in the Public service 

Guidance: Data drilldowns and technical guidance

Te Taunaki Public Service Census 2021 

This year’s data shows the Public Service is changing and adapting, becoming more diverse and younger, and growing fresh capability in response to COVID-19 and new Government priorities. The number of women in leadership roles continues to trend upwards. Gender pay gaps are at their lowest ever, and ethnic pay gaps are moving in the right direction. Progress has been made towards creating fairer and more equitable employment. Public servants are strongly motivated by a spirit of service. They’re in the job to make a difference for the communities they serve and are committed to growing capability to support the Crown in its relationships with Māori under Te Tiriti o Waitangi | Treaty of Waitangi.

The data reinforces our ongoing work that we are doing to build the Public Service of the future. We’ll continue working to ensure that all public servants are valued and included in their workplaces, and have access to the career development, working arrangements, tools and capabilities they need to deliver services and outcomes for the people of New Zealand.

Guidance: Using Tableau charts

Guidance: Collecting Workforce Data — instructions and checklist

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