This guidance covers what it means to work in the public sector before, during, and after an election. There is information about how agencies can prepare for the election period, and where to get help on election-related issues.

It looks at how the phases affect government business and processes. In particular, significant appointments, government advertising, policy advice and access by political parties to information from the sector during government formation negotiations.

There are practical tips and tools that are accessible and available for all public servants. The starting point is that, as individuals, public servants have the same rights to freedom of speech and to political activity as all New Zealanders.

Public servants have a crucial role to play in elections, and it is important to understand what is expected during the smooth transition between one government and the next.

To read the full guidance please visit our website. 

General election 2023 related information and resources

We are in the process of developing accessible formats of the election guidance. These will be available soon.  

He Ārahitanga Pōtitanga Whānui | Election Guidance 2023(PDF, 817 KB)

Summary of Guidance 2023 (PDF, 282 KB)

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