30 January 2024

Congratulations to Dick Williams who last week retired after 60 years of public service.

Dick Williams has dedicated his entire career to the Ministry of Justice, either working on the frontline or supporting those on the frontline to deliver important services to the public. Last week he retired after 60 years in the Public Service.

Public Service Commissioner Peter Hughes has awarded Dick with a Commendation for Service as a thank you and appreciation for choosing public service as his career and gratitude for the spirit of service he brought to that.

“Congratulations on your 60 years of public service to New Zealand.

“This is an absolutely extraordinary milestone. Your contributions to justice and your passion for the frontline demonstrate your exceptional spirit of service to the community,” says Peter Hughes.

Dep Sec Kelvin Watson, Secretary for Justice Andrew Kibblewhite, Dick Williams, and Minister for Courts, the Hon Nicole McKee

Dick was 15 when he began his Public Service career as a Cadet in the New Plymouth Supreme Court. It was 1964, and everything was written by hand using a fountain pen. He then progressed to roles such as Clerk, Deputy Registrar, Registrar and Executive Officer in a range of courts including Wellington, Hamilton, Westport and Tokoroa.

In 1979, Dick brought his extensive frontline experience to the then Head Office of the Department of Justice where he progressed to the senior executive position of Assistant Secretary for Courts in 1989. His most recent roles were Manager Applications Support from 2005 to 2022 and then Manager Continuous Improvement, Case Services from 2022 up until his retirement last Friday.

Throughout his career, Dick has always maintained a real passion and dedication to his job and to public service.

Peter Hughes says celebrating public servants who go above and beyond to make a difference for New Zealand is an exceptional privilege.

“You have earned enormous respect from your colleagues, communities and sector partners over your career and you demonstrate exemplary professionalism and dedication to public service.

“Thank you for your service.”