14 August 2018

I’ve always believed in the power of awards and recognition.

Public Servants work hard for New Zealanders. They come to work wanting to do the best job they can for their communities.

So I’m really pleased the Prime Minister has announced the introduction of a new Public Service Medal.

This medal is for meritorious service. It’s for those public servants who make a real difference and inspire the rest of us.

Recognition is important. And it’s fitting the new medal will be presented this year when we are celebrating Public Service Day for the first time.

Public Service Day is 7 November, the day in 1912 the Public Service Act became law. The medal will be presented each year on or as close as possible to this date.

In addition to the medal, I will be presenting Commendations for Frontline Excellence to those who have really gone the extra mile in demonstrating a spirit of service to the community.

Public Service Day is about more than awards. It’s about reflecting on the ideal of public service. It’s also an opportunity to remind ourselves that New Zealand has a Public Service that values neutrality, fairness and integrity - a public service we can all be proud of.

Every day all around the country public servants are doing great work to make a difference for New Zealand and New Zealanders. They deserve our support. And this recognition.