The Fale programme is driven by the requests of the Pacific Public Service Commissioners and offers specific training programmes to support the needs and goals of Pacific Public Service agencies.

A key focus of the Fale programme is the development and delivery of people-centred learning resources and offerings, such as the Integrity and Ethics programme and the Leadership Development Programme, Fale Mentoring programme and the Fale Webinar series. These resources and offerings aim to empower our Pacific partners, build capability in the Pacific, be relevant to local context, and make a difference for Pacific public services, with a flow-on effect to their citizens.

Kaupapa tūhonohono ā-matihiko Digital connectivity programmes


A screenshot of the Fale Online website banner, which has the logo, followed by Welcome to Fale Online. Underneath are the words: Connect. Share. Learn.

FaleOnline is an online learning management system that enables Pacific public servants and the Public Service Fale to connect, share and learn.

Pacific-led by feedback from the Commissioners and their teams, FaleOnline is easily accessible, enables online learning, and facilitates connection between all Fale Public Service jurisdictions across the Pacific region. 

Specifically, people can access resources and information that have been curated based on the priorities of the Pacific Public Service Commissions. These include policies, case studies, and guidance on COVID-19, Leadership Development, Strengthening Governance, and Digital Connectivity developed both in NZ and across the region.

FaleOnline also provides access to learning, in particular our flagship programmes: the Integrity and Ethics Programme, Management Toolkit, Foundations of Leadership Programme, and our webinar series.

Pacific public servants who want to access FaleOnline can log in.

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Public Service Fale Webinar Series

As a part of the digital connectivity and virtual engagement programme the Public Service Fale Webinar Series ensures delivery and facilitation of topics requested by the Pacific Public Service Commissioners and their teams.

 Since its inception the webinar series topics have included:

  • Working with ministers and political neutrality
  • New Zealand’s Public Service Act 2020
  • Merit-based recruitment and appointments — presented by Samoa and Fiji Public Service Commissions
  • Remuneration system — presented by Tonga Public Service Commission
  • State-owned enterprises: Driving delivery and accountability — presented by Australia Public Service Commission
  • Digital public services — presented by Vanuatu and Cook Islands Public Service Commissions
  • Aotearoa’s policy project: Improving the quality of policy advice across government
  • Building policy capability: An infrastructure approach

Pacific Public Service Commissioners and their staff can access the webinar recordings and information at FaleOnline. 

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Te whakawhanake hautūtanga Leadership development

Foundations of Leadership​ Programme

The Fale’s Foundations of Leadership Programme is designed for Pacific Public Service leaders who have been appointed into their first leadership role within the past 12 months and would benefit from learning the introductory skills and knowledge of leadership. It is a 7-month programme with 6 modules which focus on developing participant’s confidence in who they are as a leader, communicating vision and purpose, building strong relationships, achieve through others, enhance people performance and prepare them to lead in a future of change. ​

The Fale have also created an online space for peer learning to enable participants to maintain the relationships they have established with their cohort, share experiences and resources, learn from each other and provide each other with support.   

Fale Mentoring Programme

The Fale Mentoring Programme assists and enhances the growth of capable Pasifika leaders by matching them with senior Public Service mentors who will empower them to maximise their skills and potential. It is designed for leaders who are motivated, engaged, willing to learn from others and take responsibility for their own professional development. Through this programme, mentees will access valuable advice, develop their knowledge, experience and resilience, improve communications skills and confidence, broaden their thinking by learning new perspectives, and build networks and advance their career. ​

Photo credit: Ministry for Pacific Peoples

The Fale Management Toolkit

The Fale Management Toolkit has been developed specifically to support leaders in the Pacific public services with their management practices. 

The toolkit topics are:

  • managing self
  • managing others
  • managing change
  • systems and processes
  • managing risk
  • leading strategically.

Pacific Public Service Commissioners and their staff can access the toolkit at FaleOnline. 

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Human resources and organisational development

The Fale can work with you to review policies, provide access to information and share relevant content to help improve both of our services. HR Policy and Practice includes, but is not limited to:

  • HR policies
  • remuneration
  • recruitment
  • workforce planning
  • organisational development
  • performance management
  • operational health and safety.

FaleOnline has more information on these resources.

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Te whakapakari kaitiakitanga Strengthening governance

The Fale supports Public Service change, from public sector reforms to changes in the way you deliver services to citizens. 

We support work around leading legislative change, public consultation, working with ministers and managing key relationships to influence and carry out change programmes, deliver core government functions and services (in person and online), supporting government boards, assessing organisational performance and delivery, managing information, and building policy capability.

We will do this through the following tools, resources, and support:

  • advice on policies and programmes
  • support legislative review and reform
  • examples of policies: the Fale’s policy training and resources help you as you develop and implement policies and legislation that are fit for people, fit for purpose and fit for context. These include:
    • developing public policy (templates, checklists, and guidance)
    • building policy capability within your teams and departments
    • turning policy into legislation.

Photo credit: Ministry for Pacific Peoples

Integrity and Ethics Programme

The Integrity and Ethics Programme supports Pacific public servants to strengthen their Integrity and Ethics frameworks, build peer networks, and develop and deliver integrity and ethics training for their own Public Service Commissions or public services.

The programme is based on the values of service, integrity, equity, accountability, and community, and the associated behaviours expected of public servants. Practical topics include elections, working with ministers, providing our best advice and managing conflicts of interest. We discuss ethical dilemmas and have the chance to learn from other colleagues around the Pacific. Materials provided in this programme can be used for delivering or building on integrity and ethics training and learning in your own Public Service.

Ētahi atu tautoko Other support

The Fale also offers training for legislation drafting, policy development, change management, and governance, and facilitates practitioner peer support groups to share information between countries. ​

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Photo credit: Ministry for Pacific Peoples