Te Pae Turuki | Public Service Leaders Group (PSLG) works together across the system to deliver better outcomes and services for New Zealanders.

Tā Te Pae Turuki mahi What Te Pae Turuki | PSLG does

‘Te Pae Turuki’ can be translated as ‘Action Leaders’. Pae refers to orators/leaders or a collective of such people. Turuki is used in the traditional call ‘Turuki! Turuki!’ which encourages a group to move as a collective and combine their strength to accomplish large, demanding tasks.   

The te reo Māori name captures the purpose of this group, which is to work together as a team to provide strong, unified leadership across the Public Service. The senior leaders in this group are positioned at the nexus between leading within their agency and leading across the system.

As senior leaders of the system, PSLG works in concert with Te Ohu Tumu Whakarae i te Ratonga Tūmatanui | Public Service Leadership Team (PSLT). Collectively these 2 groups steward the system leading collaboratively across agency boundaries to tackle some of the biggest and most complex issues facing us today, for New Zealanders.

Te Ohu Tumu Whakarae i te Ratonga Tūmatanui | Public Service Leadership Team

Ko wai mā kei Te Pae Turuki Who is in Te Pae Turuki | PSLG

Formed in 2017, PSLG is comprised of senior public servants in the most complex and influential leadership roles drawn from Public Service departments, departmental agencies, New Zealand Police, New Zealand Defence Force and some large Crown agents. Members hold a special role leading across the Public Service and their chief executives support their development and career progression.

PSLG brings together senior leaders with experience across a range of sectors, roles, service delivery and operational environments, communities and customers. This broad and deep capability is part of our collective skills and strengths, enabling us to deliver better outcomes and services for New Zealanders.

Members of PSLG are nominated by chief executives according to role-based criteria set by Te Kawa Mataaho the Public Service Commission. Members are drawn from agencies where the chief executive is part of PSLT. Any departmental agency or functional chief executives that sits outside of PSLT are also members of PSLG.

Nomination requires one or more of the following criteria to be met:

  • being a member of an executive team
  • running a Public Service business for Aotearoa New Zealand or a significant region
  • heading a corporate function in a medium or large agency
  • creating high strategic impact, working across larger agencies and in concert with other agencies.

As at October 2022 there are 1,175 leaders in PSLG (2% of the Public Service).


Te Pae Turuki Public service Leaders Group Factsheet(PDF, 553 KB)

Public Service Leadership Dashboard - September 2023(PDF, 835 KB)

Public Service Leadership Dashboard - March 2023(PDF, 879 KB)

Public Service Leadership Dashboard - October 2022(PDF, 915 KB). This is a collection of indicators and data that presents a snapshot of our leadership cohort.

Public Service Leadership Dashboard - March 2022(PDF, 1016 KB)

Improving diversity and inclusion in the Public Service

He kuaka mārangaranga, kotahi manu e tau ki tāhuna, tau atu, tau atu, tau atu.

The flock of godwits have swooped up into the air, one lands on the sandbank and the others follow. Leaders and followers work together.


Te tautoko i Te Pae Turuki Support for Te Pae Turuki | PSLG members

PSLG members have access to a range of tools, resources and opportunities, that support them to understand the strategic context and to continue to grow, including:

Leaders Summit

Annual, full-day event bringing together all PSLG members in person, focused on system priorities, enabling leadership and system collaboration. In 2022 we brought together over 650 senior leaders, secretaries, and chief executives to discuss system priorities and hear from ministers and colleagues, in an online event. 

PSLG Online Events

Interactive, online events showcasing priorities, sharing best practice and developing PSLG leaders (90 minutes).

Whakapakari e-newsletter

This is a way for PSLT to share context, events, and leadership stories with PSLG.

Leadership opportunities across the system

PSLG members have access to a variety of development opportunities including shadowing, project, governance, acting, secondment, and permanent roles.

If your public service agency has a development opportunity they would like to share with PSLG members, please use the Opportunities Form below to submit this to Te Kawa Mataaho.

Opportunities Form

Leadership development

Priority access to leadership programmes and support, such as Te Manutaki New Senior System Leader programme  delivered by the Leadership Development Centre.

Te Manutaki New Senior System Leader Development — Leadership Development Centre