The Public Service Leadership Team recognise and hold Te Pae Turuki | Public Service Leaders Group (PSLG) to account as their team of senior system leaders. Together, members of this group are responsible for delivering on the most significant Government and Public Service priorities targeting better outcomes for all New Zealanders.

Tā Te Pae Turuki mahi What PSLG does

The te reo Māori name captures the purpose of this group. ‘Te Pae Turuki’ can be translated as ‘Action Leaders’. Pae refers to orators/leaders or a collective of such people. Turuki is used in the traditional call ‘Turuki! Turuki!’ which encourages a group to move as a collective and combine their strength to accomplish large, demanding tasks. 

The Government of the day, through the Public Service Leadership Team (PSLT), prioritises the demanding tasks leaders in PSLG positions are responsible for accomplishing, both individually and collectively. This includes initiating, shaping and driving key strategies, public policies and initiatives across the Public Service system, sectors, and regions.   

Members work collaboratively across and beyond the Public Service to deliver more together than they can from within their agency alone. They share their diverse experience and strengths as members of a unified team to successfully address the most complex challenges. 

Ko wai mā kei Te Pae Turuki Who is in PSLG

The Public Service Leaders Group was formed in 2017.  Chief Executives identify which of their senior positions meet PSLG criteria that are set and moderated by Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission. Leaders appointed to these positions make up the membership of PSLG.

PSLG position criteria were revised in early 2024 to unify the group around a common focus on “system” leadership.

Current PSLG Criteria: a position will be designated as being in PSLG when it is:

  • Based in an agency where the Chief Executive is part of PSLT – any departmental agency or functional Chief Executives that sit outside of PSLT are also members of PSLG.
  • And is either a tier 2 Executive Leadership Team (ELT) position, or 
  • Another senior-level position with a significant system leadership component i.e.:
    • responsible for initiating, shaping and/or driving a strategy, public policy or initiative that is a Government, PSLT, or regional priority; and 
    • mostly focused outwardly on achieving those joint outcomes by: 
      • working collaboratively with senior leaders beyond its agency e.g. representatives from other agencies, sector/regional organisations, Māori, community groups, NGOs, business, etc; and/or 
      • representing this work as the key interface with the Government.

The Public Service Commission collects limited data on PSLG positions in each agency and the leaders appointed or seconded into those positions. This data includes demographic information such as gender and ethnicity, if disclosed.

This limited data is stored in the Public Service Commission’s Data Warehouse and Digital Platform. Access to this data is restricted to privileged users in the Public Service Commission.

The Information Protocol and Privacy Statement that covers privacy, security, and access to this data is available here:

Te tautoko i Te Pae Turuki Support for PSLG members

PSLG members have access to a growing range of tools, resources and opportunities that support them to deliver, individually and collectively, as system leaders. These will be expanded over time to include:

For new PSLG Members 

Leaders appointed to a PSLG position for the first time will receive clear information about what this means. They will also be invited to attend the Te Manutaki, a programme for new senior system leaders within their first 12 months in PSLG. This programme is custom designed to support leaders to step up as system leaders and provides opportunities for networking and building relationships with peers in their PSLG cohort. 

For all PSLG Members

Online summits help members keep up to date with changing Government and PSLT contexts and priorities. There is also an e-newsletter that goes to all PSLG members helping them stay in touch with priorities, context, news and good practice. 

All PSLG members are encouraged to develop their own network of leaders that they work with more regularly and rely on to deliver joint outcomes. To assist with this, an online Hub is in development that will help leaders to identify other PSLG members they could collaborate with and to access shared information.

Smaller Group Initiatives

Leaders in PSLG positions are encouraged to join up in smaller groups for networking and development. This could include setting up learning groups to discuss shared challenges, opportunities or stakeholders; or arranging sessions led by those with practical expertise others are keen to learn from. Core capability modules for system leaders will be developed and made available over time. 

Leadership opportunities across the system 

Those in PSLG positions are likely to have skill sets and experience that may, from time to time, be needed elsewhere across the Public Service as needs arise and priorities change. Situations such as the COVID response and Cyclone Gabrielle Recovery are examples of opportunities for PSLG members to contribute where their skills are most needed as well as build valuable experience across the Public Service.