“Unleashing public service potential for New Zealand”

The challenges and opportunities facing the Public Service requires a strong and diverse group of leaders who have the skills to operate across a range of roles and contexts. A common approach to leadership development and talent management is essential to build the bench strength of our Public Service leaders and support greater movement and development of leaders across the Public Service.

The State Services Commission (SSC) leads and champions the leadership and talent programme for New Zealand’s Public Service.

Our common talent management approach across the Public Service provides the tools to help people to reach their full potential. By maximising our potential across the public system, we will achieve better outcomes and services for New Zealanders.

Through this:

  • Individuals: have a richer set of development experiences across the Public Service to build breadth and depth that will support them in their careers
  • Agencies: are able to easily identify and develop people with strong leadership potential and experience, with ready access to a wider talent pool
  • Public service: greater movement of talent within and across agencies will create a strong group of Public Service leaders, unified around a spirit of service, and capable of working across agency boundaries to better serve New Zealanders

Core work

The Leadership and Talent team works collaboratively across agency boundaries... to shape and grow great leadership... that transforms the Public Service... to deliver better outcomes and services for New Zealanders.

Our partners in this work include Chief Executives, Career Boards, and the Leadership Development Centre (LDC) which is a branded business unit of SSC.

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Senior Leaders

Developing a strong, diverse group of senior system leaders, including:

  • Public Service Leaders Group
  • Career Boards
  • Senior leader development and deployment
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Common set of tools to identify and develop talent, including:

  • Leadership Success Profile (LSP)
  • Leadership Insight
  • Talent Management Toolkit
  • Talent Exchange
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Early in Career

Attracting and developing new talent for future leadership, including:

  • Summer interns and graduates
  • Emerging leaders fast stream

Other resources

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Leadership Success Profile,
July 2015

(PDF, 193 KB)

Dimensions of leadership that will transform the State sector.

See the Leadership Success Profile in full.

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Leadership Strategy for the
State Services

(PDF, 175 KB)

The roadmap for an integrated approach to leadership and talent.

Picture of document cover page.

Leadership and Capability: Development and Deployment

(PDF, 355 KB)

Thinkpiece behind an integrated approach to leadership and talent.

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