The Official Information Forum provides an opportunity for agency leaders and practitioners to come together to discuss official information practices, issues and to learn from each other.

The Official Information Forum is open to staff from all State sector agencies subject to the Official Information Act 1982.

Official Information Forum agendas can range from introductory sessions for those new to working with the Act, to the day-to-day implementation of the Act, to driving agency process and practice improvement.

A timetable of Forum events for the year is published below. This will be updated as dates and agendas are confirmed.

Documents from previous Forums

Information is published here after each meeting.

15 Nov 2021 - procurement, model search policy, looking ahead to 2022

4 October 2021 – New OIA Practitioners

6 September 2021 – new Office of the Ombudsman team, Jan-Jun OIA statistics

31 May 2021 - information management, redaction, workforce deployment, OIA statistics

14 April 2021 – New OIA Practitioners
8 March 2021 - Panel Discussion Proactive release, Workforce Deployment, OIA statistics to December 2020
23 November 2020 - Public Service Act, Covid, and “The OIA in Context”
11 November 2019
23 November 2017 - Practitioners’ forum on new OIA guidance and the capability development toolkit
14 August 2017 - Leaders’ forum on proactive release
24 May 2017 - Practitioners' forum

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